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TechSid Solutions offers the Structural engineering and detailing services. Structural engineering — a specialty within the field of civil engineering — focuses on the framework of structures, and on designing those structures to withstand the stresses and pressures of their environment and remain safe, stable and secure throughout their use. In other words, structural engineers make sure that buildings don't fall down and bridges don't collapse.


At Techsid Solutions, our Structural engineers often work alongside civil engineers and architects as part of a construction team. "In a nutshell, according to the Institution of Structural Engineers, "if a structure was a human body, then the architect would be concerned with the body shape and appearance, and the structural engineer would be concerned with the skeleton and sinews."

Our Structural engineers design and draft, roof framing (beams, rafters, joists, trusses), floor framing (floor decks, joists, beams, trusses, girders), arches, columns, braces, frames, foundations and walls. In bridges, they design and draft, the deck, girders or stringers, and piers. The materials they use include steel, concrete, wood, masonry, and aluminum. Engineers design the structure to resist forces from gravity, earthquakes, high winds, water, soil, collisions and blast explosions. We are experts in producing design and CAD services using latest technology tools (like Autocad, Tekla, Staad-pro, SAP 2000, E tabs, Sacs, Ansys, Ceasam, Risa, Microstation, Navisworks, PDMS, SP3D etc). In addition to speeding up the drafting process, Software’s allow for quick and easy modifications of designs and three-dimensional (3D) visualization of finished parts and assemblies.


Analyzing blueprints, maps, reports, and topographical and geological data;

Estimating the cost and quantities of materials, equipment and labor;

Computing load and grade requirements, water flow rates and material stress factors to determine design specifications;

Inspecting project sites to monitor progress and ensure the project is being constructed according to design specifications;

Civil& Structural Engineering and Detailing Services by TECHSIDSOLUTION

Techsid solutions Structural Engineering Design Services

At Techsid solution, we have the extensive domain experience, knowledge of industry standards, and well-trained engineers who understand Structural Engineering Services and are innovative in their solutions. While endeavoring to maintain international standards in quality, our engineering team strives to reduce product design cycle time while ensuring cost effectiveness. Supporting architects, engineers, technicians, builders, and government bodies, Outsource to India’s highly accurate, precise, time-bound, and detailed Services adhere to all leading international standards, codes, and practices. Our team of structural engineers, architects, and drafters come with deep domain expertise and are proficient in all leading technologies to ensure qualitative project execution.

Structural Engineering Design Services includes -

High rise structures design & analysis

We undertake design and analysis of high rise structures that have both commercial and residential applications.

The types of structures we cover are:

Steel structures

Composite structures

Pre Engineering Buildings(PEB)

Prefabricated building systems

RCC structures

Industrial structures design & analysis

We have design and analysis experience with industrial structures like, piperack, industrial shed, tech structures, pipe supporting structures, equipment supporting structures, access platform, maintenance platform, substation, cooling tower, staircase, conveyor galleries, trustles, junction towers, platform modification etc, of-

Composite structures

Power plant and material handling units

Oil and gas refineries

Steel production industries

Chemical plants

Oil and gas platform outfitting structures and pipe supports

Techsid solutions Structural Engineering Drafting Services

Structural drafting Services

Our team of professional engineers, drafters and architectural are able to produce detailed drawing appropriate to your project of steel fabricators and erectors. We will prepare detailed plans , shop drawing, connections details and fabrication drawings for commercial, Industrial and residential structures.

Structural steel detailing services includes-

Structural plan

Shop drawing

Detailed errection plans

Detailed Fabrication drawing

WHY TECHSIDSOLUTION FOR Civil & Structural engineering and Drafting Services

Latest Tools and Technologies -

We use the latest tools and technologies to provide quality engineering and detailing services. We use Revit, AutoCAD, MicroStation, SP3D, PDMS and STAAD.Pro, TEKLA, SEASM, SACS, SAP 2000, E tabs etc. Our outputs are usually CAD files in DWG format, although when utilizing MicroStation, the format will be in DGN type. We are also adept at the latest cutting-edge software such as X-STEEL

Cost effective solution -

By choosing our structural engineering services, you get the benefit of using high-quality services at low operating costs

Confidentiality Agreements -

We have strict data Security agreements and policies in place with all critical data remaining safe with us.

Highly professional and trained Engineering Team -

Our engineers are highly professional and well-trained, and have an expansive amount of industry rich experience, enabling them to meet the international standards of structural analysis and design

Quality Assurance and On time delivery -

We have a multi-stage quality checking process which ensures projects delivered on time with accurate and error-free output.

Quick Turnaround -

We follow a streamlined process to complete projects within stipulated time

Adherence to Latest Standards -

We have knowledge and expertise on US, European, British and Indian design Standards, and support all phases of the structural engineering design process, right from design and modeling to analysis of pre-existing designs, and construction documentation from all geographies


At Techsid solutions, our strategic approach allows us to develop well-engineered building designs with improved look and feel. We follow a customized process for every single structural engineering project.

Define Scope of Project

Understanding whether the project needs conceptual, preliminary, or detailed analysis

Analyze Inputs from Client

Adapting to client's structural analysis approach

Project Execution

Creating basic structural design with the client's inputs

Assign Project Execution

Project engineers and structural designers follow client's requirements and standards

Build on Structural Analysis

Developing structural detail drawings in 2D or 3D formats

Recommend Structural Changes

Present structural design and communication of layout plans, elevations, and sections

Techsid Solutions is offering high-quality design and drafting solutions for various structures. We provide flexible and cost effective solutions in civil and structural design engineering, ensuring a high level of quality and delivering on time. We fulfill our clients’ requirements. , so by outsourcing design & drafting to Techsid Solutions, you can find structural engineers with diverse industry experience and get comprehensive support in efficiently fulfilling structural analysis and design services.